Introducing the Battle of Long Tan team

I wanted to introduce you to the team behind our upcoming movie, Long Tan based upon the true story of The Battle of Long Tan.¬

First of all there is me, Martin Walsh! I produced the ASTRA award winning and TV Week Logie Award Nominated documentary on the Battle of Long Tan for The History Channel in Australia and New Zealand. I am also a senior marketing executive specialising in digital marketing and social¬ influence¬ marketing. You can see me in action below during¬ this interview which I did for Sky Channel on the 41st anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan in 2007:


My other Producer is Charles Hannah who was Executive Producer on the acclaimed World’s Fastest Indian movie starring Anthony Hopkins and Directed by Roger Donaldson and has been behind many other films such as Newcastle, Unfolding Florence and Control.

The amazing Bruce Beresford who has directed great films such as Driving Miss Daisy, Double Jeopardy, Black Robe and Breaker Morant is Writing and Directing Long Tan.

We also have two awesome Executive Producers on board. Meyer Shwarzstein who co-produced Bridge to Terabithia and Peter Wetherell. They are both based in Los Angeles and bring many years of independent film financing, distribution and sales experience to the project.

We have also brought on an additional writer, Justin Monjo to help with the final draft of the script as Bruce Beresford is busy filming Mao’s Last Dancer.

And we also have the unique talent and experience of Graham ‘Syd’ Cassidy from Cato Counsel handling all of our media and PR for the project.

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