Awesome new 4 min clip for Terminator Salvation starring Sam Worthington

Just in case you haven’t yet seen this new 4 minute clip for the upcoming Terminator Salvation movie starring Sam Worthington (Marcus Wright) and Christian Bale (John Connor), check it out below. Sam narrated our award winning Battle of Long Tan documentary.

Sam’s career will explode this year with a starring role in Terminator Salvation and then James Cameron’s Avatar Sci-Fi film at the end of this year. Sam has also scored a lead role in Clash of the Titans.

Sam Worthington is keen on Long Tan movie role

Sam Worthington, who is currently starring alongside The Dark Knight’s Christian Bale in Terminator Salvation now shooting in the US, has told the producers he is keen to be considered for a major role in the Bruce Beresford directed film about the seminal conflict of the Vietnam War – the Battle of Long Tan. ”

Sam Worthington
Sam Worthington

“I believe Long Tan to be a very important story to tell. It’s a true tale that touched me so much, especially when I had the privilege of meeting the soldiers two years ago,” said Worthington in a message to the Battle of Long Tan producers, Sydney-based Red Dune Films and Beverly Hills, California-based partner Brainstorm Media.

Worthington, who recently completed a starring role in James Cameron’s Avatar, narrated the award-winning documentary on Long Tan produced by Martin Walsh, of Red Dune Films, for the History Channel’s 40th anniversary of the battle in 2006.

Walsh has been developing a feature version of the story since 2004.

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